Observing the Plants of the Forest with Hansel and Gretel


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Size 240 x 240 mm | 7 spreads with gatefolds | hardbinding
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Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Portuguese for Europe, Spanish, English, Italian, Complex Chinese, Korean

A unique combination of a fairy tale and an encyclopedia.

Not far from a deep forest there lived mom, dad and their two children – little boy Hansel and little girl Gretel. And because Hansel and Gretel had always been little fidgets, it was no wonder that one day they got lost deep in the woods and while trying to find their way home they came upon a witch’s house made of breads, cakes and sugar! What plants did they see during their wandering in and out of the forest and how did it turn out? You can read the whole story and also get really interesting information about the forests, fields and meadows in this richly illustrated book.