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What Fits Inside
age 3-5

What Fits Inside? is a perfect opportunity for young kids to challenge their minds and creativity on each page. It is a fun story that allows for conversation, silliness, and discovery. This is a book that I would love to have in my classroom. I can see the students engaging, having fun and being able to create follow up activities from this book easily. What Fits Inside? is going to be a hit!

Jenna Z, Reviewer
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Explore Animal Kingdom | age 3-5

Wonderful series of books, vivid illustrations, wonderful information and easy reading keep the little ones interested and the older ones reading!

United States
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Shapes and Patterns in Nature
Nature's Wonderful Colours | age 6-8

“We're studying a variety of seeds (mostly in conifers but also comparing them to others in our seed collection), and it never ceases to amaze me how beautifully varied all the kinds of seeds there are in the world! I'm also currently reading the book Dune by Frank Herbert, which among other things is a nice reminder that it’s a gift that we live on a planet with an abundance of plant life. It's truly wonderful!”

Sarah ⇞ The Silvan Reverie