Fairytale Encyclopedia 6+

7 books | categories: 6 - 8 First Grade

This is an unusual combination of a fairy tale and encyclopaedia in one with lots of illustrations and loads of information, such are the individual titles of the Fairy-tale encyclopaedias series.

Fairy tales are packed with weird and wonderful characters, fascinating places and situations we can learn by. Although fairy-tale heroes always find their happy ending, the path that leads there is filled with dangers and obstacles. No wonder, then, that as we travel that path with them, we pay no attention to certain details. We have no notion of the trees in an enchanted forest, the material of the high tower where the bewitched princess waits for her prince, or whether the Golden Fish lives in saltwater or freshwater. If these matters and others like them bother you, too, join us on an expedition through the pages of this Encyclopaedia of Fairy Tales, where reason always triumphs over folly and injustice.