Discovering the Ocean with Little Mermaid


Discovering the Ocean with Little Mermaid

Written by Tom Velčovský
Illustrated by Tomáš Pernický, Jakub Cenkl
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 240 x 240 mm | 7 spreads with gatefolds | hardbinding
Sold to:
Complex Chinese, Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese

The Mer-King is a just guardian of peace and tranquillity in the ocean, a cradle of life that knows no end. But this calmness is a bother to his inquisitive daughter Merina, the little mermaid. Her fascination for the human world is a great worry to her father: in his eyes, humans are enemies of the sea.

Merina believes humans to be merry creatures who love to play. So what do we know about humankind’s relationship with the ocean? How do humans and sea creatures interact, and how do sea creatures interact among themselves? Dive into the pages of Discovering the Ocean with the Little Mermaid to learn about all this and much, much more.