Written by Jitka Petřeková
Illustrated by Tomáš Tůma
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 250 x 250 mm | 12 pages | hardbinding
Model of anthill (11 board panels with flaps), encyclopedia of ants (12 pages), cover
Sold to:
Complex Chinese, English, Simplified Chinese

A picture book for inquiring, probing young minds containing model of an anthill and fact fact-filled encyclopedia about life of ants.

Have you ever watched thousands of ants swarm around an anthill and wondered what was going on in that great pile of needles at the foot of a magnificent spruce? Although this question has occurred to many of us, not everyone gets the chance to peek inside an anthill. This unique book offers you that very opportunity. A picture book for inquiring, probing young minds. In the wood it is practically impossible to see inside an anthill, but this book allows children to look beneath the surface and discover many interesting facts about the life of ants.

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