How Animals Live

4 books | categories: 6 - 8 First Grade

Come and take a look along with us into the mysterious dwellings of animals hidden under the bark of trees, behind the walls of bee honeycombs, under millions of pine needles as well as under stumps and windfalls deep under the surface of the earth.

Various creatures have found their homes here from small and at first sight almost invisible ants, to wood-destroying beetles and busy bees up to diverse kinds of climbing trees and rodents and finally even genuine giants, such as majestic wolves and bears. All this in an attractive 3D package modelled as an animal dwelling. The ‘How Animals Live’ series entertains and fascinates. As readers play, laugh at the amusing captions and study the many brilliant illustrations, they don’t realize how much they are learning. The ‘How Animals Live’ series doesn’t look like what it is, an encyclopaedia; it looks like a real beehive, a real anthill, real dens and burrows and of course real tree hollows. This encyclopaedia takes eager readers right to the heart of the matter. How could education possibly be any more fun?