In Burrows and Dens


In Burrows and Dens

Written by Markéta Nováková
Illustrated by Ilona Komárková
age 6-8

Book parameters:
size 250 × 250 mm | 6 board panels with flaps + encyclopedia (18 pages) | hardbinding
Sold to:
Simplified Chinese, Estonian, Lithuanian, Korean, Galician

Did you know that the red fox is a very untidy creature, whereas the badger is so super-clean that it even has its own toilet? And that these two are neighbours, who often share the same den? Find this difficult to believe?

Come with us for a peek into their mysterious houses and chambers, which we’ll find under stumps and fallen trees, often several metres below ground. We’ll work our way through subterranean labyrinths to visit a merry family of rabbits, and perhaps we’ll even see some sleepy bears in their cave-beds, or some mischievous little stoats in a den they inherited from some mice. The beautifully illustrated encyclopaedia that forms part of the book will teach you lots of interesting things about the animal kingdom, including the fact that the much-feared, apparently dauntless grizzly bear prefers to give a certain small animal a wide berth. So, what are you waiting for? Up into the lairs and dens of the woods we go!

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