Animal Atlas


Animal Atlas

Written by Tomáš Tůma
Illustrated by Tomáš Tůma
age 6-8

Book parameters:
230 x 260 mm (460 x 520 mm widespreaded) | hardbinding
9 spreads with gatefold + 13 booklets
Sold to:
English, Georgian, German, Greek, Korean, Mongolian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Vietnamese

The Animal Atlas, intended for six-year-olds and older children, presents the most interesting animals from all seven continents.

Seven folding maps, demonstrating individual continents and accompanied by thirteen booklets, introduce almost 200 most interesting animals from around the world, broken down into typical representatives of each continent. The book shows anything from a common hare to Malayan tapir or Southern elephant seal, presented by beautiful illustrations and intriguing texts. You may know crows and bears, but do you have any idea what a Southern marsupial mole is, or what an opossum does when her life is in danger? Do you know what the animal called greater kudu looks like? If you do, then you must be an amazing little zoologist. If you don’t, then our atlas is made just for you.

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