A Big Book of the Dark


A Big Book of the Dark

Written by Helena Haraštová
Illustrated by Jiří Franta
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 215 x 280 mm | 24 pages + endpapers + case cover + 10 fold-outs | hardbinding
Sold to:
Greek, Simplified Chinese, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

5 full-page pictures of nightlife in various environments. See what is happening while you sleep!

Do you think that the streets of your town and the countryside around it are completely silent and deserted at night? This book will open your eyes! You will find out that there are nocturnal animals that are active while you sleep, plants that glow in the dark, and even people who work at night and go to sleep when you get up! You will have the opportunity to see what happens in the night in a forest, in a town, in a village, at an airport and also which creatures live in eternal darkness in oceans and underground. Darkness is full of life, and it is great fun to discover!

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