Teeth: You Only Get Two Sets

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Teeth: You Only Get Two Sets

Written by Magda N. Garguláková
Illustrated by Marie Urbánková
age 6-8

Book parameters:
size 225 x 270 mm, 11 spreads, novelty format
Sold to:
Catalan, English, French, Hungarian, Simplified Chinese, Slovene, Spanish, Vietnamese

Teeth? A strange subject for a book, you say… But there are lots of toothy secrets to discover. Such as about where teeth come from, what they look like inside, why they can hurt horribly, why we only grow two sets – so the sooner we learn to look after them, the better. With engaging content and interactive elements, readers are in for an educational and entertaining exploration of the world of teeth.

  • Modern layout: With captivating infographics.
  • Age appropriate guidance: Visual step-by-step instructions.
  • Visual aids: Images that enhance the learning experience.