Apolline’s Blue Workshop

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Apolline’s Blue Workshop

Written by Romana Košutková
Illustrated by Veronika Vlková, Jan Šrámek
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 225 x 280 mm | 48 pages | hardbinding
Sold to:
Croatian, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese

Feeling blue? Grab this book and learn something new.

Blueprint dyeing is a very old, rare technique for cloth dyeing and printing in indigo (a natural blue dye). It is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The message of Apolline’s Blue Workshop is a wish on the part of its creators that this fascinating traditional craft should be preserved for future generations. The enchanting, fairy-tale-like story tells of a little girl called Apolline and her grandfather’s workshop, which is filled with weird and wonderful objects, fragrances and magic. As Apolline learns the art of blueprint dyeing, the young reader learns along with her. Veronika Vlková’s delicate illustrations, in watercolours as vivid and mercurial as blueprint dyeing, are in perfect harmony with the theme of the book.

Proud holder of the Czech Grand Design 2020, category illustrator.