Heal the Body


Heal the Body

Written by Štěpánka Sekaninová
Illustrated by Jakub Cenkl
age 6-8

Book parameters:
size 260 × 260 mm | 16 pages | 5 booklets | 20 flip-flaps | hardbinding
Sold to:
Simplified Chinese, Russian

Do you know how the human body (heart, lungs, kidneys, muscles, etc.) works, why we sometimes get ill, and what common illnesses are? Do you realize that you can hurt yourself by being careless and failing to pay attention, in the safety of the home as well as on the sports field?

Wise physician Yoon Ti will show you the pitfalls that lie in wait for your body and teach you how to care for your health. In the company of Yoon Ti, you´ll plunge deep into the human body, there to embark on a quest to heal sickness and repair injury. And you´ll be no mere bystander – on this Mission you´ll demonstrate how courageous, alert, resilient and open-minded you are. There are seven full-page illustrations, hazardous situations to be dealt with, plus booklets filled with information.

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