Save the Planet


Save the Planet

Book parameters:
size 260 × 260 mm | 16 pages | 5 booklets | 20 flip-flaps | hardbinding
Sold to:
Simplified Chinese, Maltese, Mongolian, Russian

Can you imagine what your planet looks like from on high? A blue-and-white globe covered with polluted living space, poisoned water, oil slicks on the seas, plundered soil, burning primeval forest…

The sight of all this destruction is so awful to extra-terrestrial Gwi Do that he has set out in his space ship with the intention of saving Planet Earth. You and he will set about healing the planet by putting right all the mischief humans have caused on it. This exciting, playful book of adventure guides you through the realm of the environment. The fate of Eaerth is in your hands – only you can determine whether the planet will survive or perish. Seven full-page, full-colour illustrations, plus booklets filled with information – this is what your ´rescue mission´comprises.

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