Atlas of Threatened Species


Atlas of Threatened Species

Written by Radek Malý
Illustrated by Pavla Dvorská, Pavel Dvorský
age 9-12

Book parameters:
size 230 x 330 mm | 88 pages | hardbinding
Sold to:
Bulgarian, English, German, Russian, Spanish

True stories of critically endangered species.

We are born into a world, which is moving at a dizzying pace. While at the beginning of the twentieth century only two billion people roamed the Earth, now one hundred years later we have an unbelievable 7.6 billion. We are born, we live, we die and we loot our planet. We pollute it, mine it, cut down forests and transform them into arable land. We pump out supplies of groundwater as well as mineral raw materials. We fish sea animals on a large scale and beat our chests with pride at our accomplishments. Entire lines of threatened species, however, are dying in front of our eyes. Do we want to continue like this? In this narrative book, which maps out the fates of examples of threatened species, the writer Radek Malý attempts to make people, the supposed lords of the creation, think about their further steps. Will we continue to just take? Or will we begin to give and protect? The ambitiously conceived atlas is accompanied by remarkable full-page illustrations by the renowned book illustrator Pavel Dvorský supplemented by scientific illustrations by his wife Pavla Dvorská. We hope you enjoy reading the stories of our 41 main heroes, whose further existence is only in your hands…

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