Atlas of Extinct Animals


Written by Radek Malý
Illustrated by Pavel Dvorský, Jiří Grbavčič
age 9-12

Book parameters:
size 230 x 330 mm | 88 pages | hardbinding
Sold to:
Spanish for Latin America, Estonian, French, Spanish for Europe, Hungarian, Polish, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian

Humanity is currently living through the sixth mass extinction event in Earth’s history. As well impacting on the environment and the evolution of the planet, the dying out of animal species may affect us, too – our proud claim to be lords of creation notwithstanding.

In this book, award-winning poet Radek Malý sheds light on this alarming fact by telling the stories of selected extinct species and studying the causes of their sad demise. The large-format Atlas of Extinct Animals is supplemented with beautifully expressive full-page illustrations by gifted artist Jiří Grbavčic and detailed pictures by renowned scientific illustrator Pavel Dvorský. By losing yourself in this book, you will bring back to life all 41 of its heroes. Give the fate of the Blue Planet some serious thought. It is in your hands.


The proud holder of the award Zlatá stuha 2020 (Golden Ribbon 2020)

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