Atlas of Prehistoric Animals


Atlas of Prehistoric Animals

Written by Radek Malý
Illustrated by Petr Modlitba
age 9-12

Book parameters:
size 230 x 330 mm, 88 pages, hardcover
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English, Spanish

Life on Earth, which all of us take for granted, began to develop 3900 million years ago – a time so distant that we cannot conceive of it even in our wildest imagination. The first organisms visible to the naked eye appeared about 600 million years ago, but almost nothing has survived of them. A further 60 million years had to pass before the first organisms with hard shells and skeletons arrived, and these would reach down the ages as mementos of how life on our planet was formed. It is these first, oldest animals that are discussed in this part of Radek Malý’s narrative encyclopaedia series. It takes readers on a journey through prehistory featuring the best-known animals of those times as well as some they will encounter for the first time. The story of each species is accompanied by beautiful narrative illustrations by Czech artist Petr Modlitba.

  • Scientific accuracy and expert collaboration: A close collaboration between a skilled author and a renowned paleontologist.
  • Lively imagery: Vivid descriptions and meticulously crafted illustrations that bring long-extinct creatures to life.
  • Human comparisons: Exploring size and scale comparisons with modern humans.

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