Atlases for Children

13 books | categories: 6 - 8 First Grade

Any adventure-lover would jump at the chance to travel through time, in space, or across the world in a single day. This series of children’s atlases is a dream come true for adventurers, travellers and inquiring minds.

They will criss-cross the world by sea, air and land, so as to cover the whole thing. They will return to the time when life on our planet began, touch the stars and the Milky Way, and visit the animal kingdom. With these atlases, they can visit cradles of civilisations, ancient Egypt and Greece. They will even get a peek behind the scenes of how the weather works, and learn how rocks and minerals are formed. The machine that carries the inquisitive reader through time and space is equipped with full-colour illustrations, plans, maps and booklets and powered by masses of fascinating information. We’re ready to leave, so climb aboard, there’s no time to lose . . .