Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary Things

They’re all around us. We use them daily, pass them by, and it never occurs to us to stop and think about where they came from. What, you ask? The most ordinary things in the world, of course!

Shoes, umbrellas, toothbrushes, toothpicks, socks, dolls, and so on and so forth. How did they come to be? Who invented them, how did they develop and change over time? If you’d like to know the answer to these questions, to peek behind the curtain that drapes the most ordinary stuff in mystery, then definitely read on and learn the story of common things.

Encyclopedia of Ordinary Things. Our new book which you can see during the Frankfurt Book Fair at the stand of Albatros MediaA28, hall 6.1.

Besides we have prepared some new pop-up books, board books, books about nature or space, lovely picture books inspired by African folklore or children´s imagination. To see more just go through our 2 catalogues.

B4U Publishing Catalogue

novelty formats and non-fiction titles which are educative and entertaining at the same time

MIMOTO Catalogue

– a selection of the modern picture books and innovative pop-ups from Czech and Slovak publishers

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