Typo and Skim


Typo and Skim

Book parameters:
size 240 x 320 mm | 120 pages | hardbinding
Sold to:
Bulgarian, English, French, German, Lithuanian, Simplified Chinese, Slovene

Have you noticed how things get older? Of course you have – you can’t fail to notice such things.

Stop paying attention for a moment and you’ll discover that what was shiny and new a while ago is now old and useless. Who’s to blame? Well, living somewhere in our midst are little creatures who make all this ageing their business. And a pretty tough job they have too! One day, Typo, who specializes in printing errors in books, learns that when things get spoiled or old, people often aren’t too happy about it. So he sets out on a journey of adventure to the Ravages of Time. Will he manage to bring ageing to an end? And what role does the talking dung beetle play in all this?


Book Typo and Skim  is the winner of:

  • Magnesia Litera 2017, the most prestigious Czech literary award
  • Golden Ribbon
  • White Ravens 2017