Time Travelers


Time Travelers

Written by Joli Hannah
Illustrated by Anna Jones
age 9-12

Book parameters:
200 x 246 mm, 40 pages, hardcover

Embark on an exhilarating journey through time and space with Ella and Tom! Accompany them as they explore mesmerizing destinations across the universe, courtesy of their extraordinary time-travel clock. Delve into captivating narratives and intriguing details about each time-space location. Uncover the marvels of diverse eras, dimensions, and customs, igniting your child's inquisitiveness and creativity. Prepare for an adventure of exploration, education, and inspiration as you delve into Ella and Tom's remarkable chronicles!

  • Fiction meets reality: Blends fiction with non-fiction elements as two children embark on adventures through time and space.
  • Diverse cultural exploration: Features various cultures, traditions, and celebrations.
  • Inclusivity and understanding: The series emphasizes the importance of cross-cultural understanding, ignites curiosity, and sparks creativity in young minds.

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