The Wolf & the Seven Little Goats


The Wolf & the Seven Little Goats

Written by Vojtěch Kubašta
Illustrated by Vojtěch Kubašta
age 3-5

Book parameters:
size 254 × 193 mm | 6 spreads with pop-ups | hardbinding
Sold to:
Bulgarian, Korean, Hungarian, Polish

Once upon a time there were some baby goats who disobeyed their mum and opened the door to the wicked wolf. Can you guess what happened next?

It wasn’t good. The wolf was pretty hungry … Do you want to know more? Are you wondering how the whole thing ended up? Then why not find out? The classic fairy tale is waiting for you in a delightful pop-up book by celebrated Czech artist Vojtěch Kubašta, whose works have been enjoyed by generations of Czech and Slovak children.

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