Written by Markéta Nováková
Illustrated by Edit Hajdu (Sliacka)
age 0-2

Book parameters:
size 190 × 190 mm | 9 spreads incl. cover | board book
Sold to:
Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese, Complex Chinese, Spanish for Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, Portuguese for Brazil

Square, circle, rectangle, triangle – shapes that we find all around us.

A window is in the shape of a square, and a lively yo-yo is round like a … circle of course. A bar of milk chocolate looks like a rectangle and a piece of cheese, which a small mouse likes to eat, is in the shape of a triangle. With Peek-A-Boo: Shapes, very young readers will learn to recognize shapes, and they will also be able to touch them. As with earlier titles in the series, this book is illustrated by Edit Hajdu (Sliacka).

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