Animal Patterns


Animal Patterns

Written by Silvie Sanža
Illustrated by Edit Hajdu (Sliacka)
age 0-2

Book parameters:
Size 190×190mm | 9 spreads incl. cover | board book
Sold to:
Complex Chinese, English for Hong Kong and Macau, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Spanish for Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

The incredible world of nature for the very young. This book in the new Peek-a-Boo series help children understand animal mimicry and camouflage.

In each book four different animals are perfectly concealed in their surroundings without having changed their coat, skin or feathers. The chapters work on a matrix/patrix principle. In each case the front side is covered by the pattern/colour typical of an animal; this page contains a cut-out invisible at first sight into which is fitted a shape from the back. The child turns the page and an animal that previously blended in with its background ‘peeks out’ at him/her. Readers will also discover interesting facts from the animal kingdom. Moreover, the front side serves as a stencil with which to draw the animals’ shapes, and you can use the protrusion on the back to make a picture with quick pencil strokes!

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