Animal Houses and Shelters


Animal Houses and Shelters

Written by Markéta Nováková
Illustrated by Edit Hajdu (Sliacka)
age 0-2

Book parameters:
size 190 × 190 mm | 9 spreads incl. cover | board book
Sold to:
Complex Chinese, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Simplified Chinese, Slovene, Spanish for Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, Ukrainian

Do you know who's hiding in that cosy little home, protected from his enemies?

The snail keeps his head tucked inside his curly shell, while the hedgehog is nestled inside his prickly ball. And the tortoise? She has pulled her head and tail under her beautifully coloured carapace … Come with us and take a look at them all. As with earlier titles in the series, this book is illustrated by Edit Hajdu (Sliacka).

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