Me, My Friends and Our Emotions


Me, My Friends and Our Emotions

Written by Radka Píro
Illustrated by Katia Gaigalova
age 3-5

Book parameters:
size 220 x 220 mm, 12 spreads, novelty format
Sold to:
English, French, Greek, Romanian, Slovene

The first day of nursery is here! But Jack is not looking forward to it. In fact, he’s afraid of what awaits him there. Like Jack, all of us feel afraid from time to time. Sometimes we get angry, just as sometimes we know great joy. When a cup gets broken, one person cries, another laughs, and another blushes with embarrassment. Our many emotions can cause quite a lot of mischief, especially when we give in to them. How are you feeling right now? To find out how Jack’s first day at nursery turned out, come along with us to see all the things he did and how these experiences made him feel. And as you read, you’ll learn how to deal with these emotions yourself.

  • Empowering young hearts: Helps navigate the complexities of emotions
  • Relatable characters and relatable situations.
  • Guidance: How to understand and express emotions.

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