Me, My Family and Our Emotions


Me, My Family and Our Emotions

Written by Helena Haraštová
Illustrated by Katia Gaigalova
age 3-5

Book parameters:
size 220 x 220 mm, 12 spreads, novelty format
Sold to:
English, French, Greek

There’s a garden party today! Soon Veronica’s mother will have twins. But the girl is not happy about it. In fact, she’s worried: How will her family change? What if her parents love the babies more? We all feel uncomfortable in our family sometimes. Even though we are close, at times each of us feels and needs something different and we don't understand each other. Do you want to know how Veronica coped with the arrival of her siblings? Join her, explore the feelings we may experience in a family, and find out how to deal with them yourself.

  • Empowering young hearts: Helps navigate the complexities of emotions
  • Relatable characters and relatable situations.
  • Guidance: How to understand and express emotions.

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