Little Big Poop


Little Big Poop

Written by Milada Rezková
Illustrated by Jakub Kaše, Lukáš Urbánek
age 9-12

Book parameters:
Size 220 x 280 mm | 176 pages | hardbinding
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Polish, Simplified Chinese

Digestion is one of the everyday miracles of the human body. How does it work? THERE’S A PATH BETWEEN THE HEAD AND THE BELLY, GREENHORNS!

Little Big Poop started out as a mouthful of food. He then gave away all the good he had in him and was finally cast out in that familiar unwanted and detested form. This book describes his journey as an adventure. Totem poles, coyotes, teepees and tomahawks, comic strips, sayings, maps, rituals and miracles. Suspense and fun await the hungry reader on every page! Hand on belly, greenhorns, and onward to new adventures! From the authors of the book Don’t Be Afraid!