I Will Smartly Find My Way


I Will Smartly Find My Way

Written by Magda N. Garguláková
Illustrated by Tomáš Kopecký
age 6-8

Book parameters:
size 215 x 280 mm, 40 pages, hardcover
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English, French

Every day, even the most ordinary one, is full of challenges, adventures, experiences, small and big tasks. How should you cope with them all? What should you do in various situations? Meet our eight friends and try it out with them. Where will you send off a parcel? What will you do if your bike gets stolen? Or where will you go to see a dinosaur?

  • Urban explorations: Empowers kids to navigate the city with confidence (post office, library, police station, etc.).
  • Educational delights: Combines practical information with fascinating facts about places within a city.
  • Bird‘s-eye adventures: Breathtaking illustrations put us in a bird‘s eye view.