How to Build a House


How to Build a House

Written by Martin Sodomka
Illustrated by Martin Sodomka
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 220 × 220 mm | 60 pages + ends + case | hardbinding
Sold to:
Danish, Estonian, Simplified Chinese, Ukrainian, Uzbek

“When they build a nest, do birds take out a mortgage?” Arnie the rat asks his old friend Zee the sparrow. Arnie’s carefree youth is over: he’s newly married and is building a house. Although the actual building is no easy matter, obtaining a design, planning permission and a mortgage demands even greater efforts. It’s all starting to turn Arnie’s hair grey, and he doesn’t realize that the most difficult part is still ahead of him. And to call this difficult is an understatement: a disaster is on the horizon. Let’s hope that everything ends well, as in all the best fairy tales.

In this book the heroes build a house. The book shows child readers what needs to be done before building work can begin, what houses are made of, what is hidden in a house’s insides and many other matters of interest of the kind shown by all books in this series.

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