How the World’s Children Play


How the World’s Children Play

Written by Štěpánka Sekaninová
Illustrated by Michaela Bergmannová
age 6-8

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Size 215 x 280 mm | 36 pages | hardbinding
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Complex Chinese, English

If I asked you to show me a child who doesn’t like playing, I reckon you would struggle to find a single one! Children like to play above all else, often alone but ideally with friends. But how and what they play varies from place to place.

Would you like to know about games played in Australia, Africa, New Zealand and many other parts of the world? If so, this is the right book for you! As you read about fun and games for children across countries and continents, you will learn that some games are much the same wherever they are played. Others, however, will be entirely new to you. What’s more, this book will introduce you to new friends who just love to play!

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