Wild Animals in the Winter World


Wild Animals in the Winter World

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Size 250 × 250mm | widespreaded 500 × 500 mm | 32 pages + 3 maps | hardbinding
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French, German, Complex Chinese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese

Every animal must be properly prepared for winter. A bear feeds itself up before searching far and wide for the best place to make his warm, cosy bed. Heavy snow won’t bother him now!

And what about the bed of mummy bear, who in the middle of winter will give birth to cubs so tiny and wee that they could fit in the palm of your hand? Can you guess how the mole, the red-capped grouse and the dormouse spend the winter? I bet you can’t. Come with us and take a quick look, then! With this book, you will find yourself in an icy kingdom under a cover of snow. It includes three large-format maps which show the reader how animals live through the winter.

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