Wanderers of the Animal World


Wanderers of the Animal World

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Size 250 × 250mm | widespreaded 500 × 500 mm | 32 pages + 3 maps | hardbinding
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French, Dutch, German, Complex Chinese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese

Although some animals spend their whole lives in their own backyard, others travel through continents. For instance, the Arctic tern, a small bird with red beak and legs, flies right around the globe every year!

And what about the green sea turtle? It swims elegantly through seas and oceans to visit its birthplace, where it will lay its round eggs, so producing lots of tiny green sea turtles. No sooner are these turtles born than they swim away in all directions. And do you know why the dung beetle, a herd of African elephants and the reindeer, king of the northern plains, travel? I bet you don’t. Come with us and take a quick look, then! This book breathes a sense of exotic, faraway places. It includes three large-format maps which show the reader how animals travel and where they travel to.

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