Don´t Be Afraid


Don´t Be Afraid

Written by Milada Rezková
Illustrated by Jakub Kaše, Lukáš Urbánek
age 9-12

Book parameters:
Size 245 × 320 mm | 198 pages | hardbinding
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Croatian, French, German, Turkish

Don’t Be Afraid is a book about fear for little scaredy-cats and big bravehearts. Read it from the beginning, the end or the middle. The order you read it in doesn’t matter, because fear is simply a part of life.

Even Mummy and Daddy get scared sometimes! Has it ever crossed your mind that there’s no need to be afraid of fear? Do you know what happens in your brain when you get scared? Do know why they say, “He was so scared, he pooed in his pants?” Do some people never get scared? Can fear give us an advantage? Did you know that elephants are afraid of ants and sharks are afraid of dolphins? Look at fear from different angles. Think of it as anxiety, panic, dread – but as courage, too. On hand to help you is a boy called Georgie, who has lots of adventures with his fear. And he’ll have you laughing for a page at a time, believe me. Even scaredy-cats can go into the woods. But those who can admit, name and understand their fear will have a better time there. You’ll discover all this and a million times more inside!