A Big Tasty Earthworm

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A Big Tasty Earthworm

Written by Katarína Macurová
Illustrated by Katarína Macurová
age 3-5

Book parameters:
Size: 235 mm x 265 mm, 48 pages, hardcover
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Arabic for Israel, Catalan, Complex Chinese, English, French, Hebrew, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai

Once there were three friends, Pipo, Bod and Kenny, who were always thinking up new ways to play. They were always at their happiest when they were together. Until one day Pipo didn’t fancy eating watermelon like the others

Off he went and found an unusual earthworm, which wasn’t going to leave the earth without a bitter struggle. After battling and defeating his adversary, Pipo discovered something he hadn’t expected…

A funny new story for spring by a renowned author of popular children’s books about how nice it is sometimes to do something different.

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