Once Upon a Time

2 books | categories: 6 - 8 First Grade

Think of a world with no place for the imagination. Where there are no fairy tales, no myths, and no stories of heroes and adventure. Like the world of grown-ups, you say? Don’t you believe it! Although it may seem so to children, the imagination doesn’t disappear with advancing age.

People often return to its riches, even after they have learned about natural laws, can find answers online to their questions, and are absolutely certain that they will never run across a talking wolf in the woods. A vivid and varied realm of heroes, villains, magical creatures, talking animals and other supernatural beings awaits you with open gates, whenever you should need it. In a kingdom beyond nine mountains and nine rivers, reached only on the wings of your imagination, you will find answers to complicated questions and stories wisdom of which outshines many a work of scholarship. Let us take you there!