Heroes and Villains of Fairy Tales

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Heroes and Villains of Fairy Tales

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Size 230 x 260 mm | 72 pages | hardbinding

Mighty kings, valiant knights, beautiful princesses, hungry ogres, crafty elves, lazy Jacks and wicked witches are anything but old hat, even though they are familiar to us from our earliest years. These and other fairy-tale heroes and villains may have lived in a fantasy realm since time immemorial, but they change along with the real world.

As if by some strange magic, they retain their attraction for generation after generation. If you think you have outgrown the classic fairy tale, think again! Stories in which good triumphs over evil, love conquers hate, and the truth and wisdom of the ages win out over lies and cunning, will live forever. This book will show you similarities and differences among fairy-tale characters from different parts of the world and reveal many fairy-tale customs and rules. It will also tell you how and why fairy tales originated.

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