Children around the World

4 books | categories: 6 - 8 First Grade

This beautifully illustrated series takes young readers to different parts of the world, where children show them their homes and how they celebrate holidays, their favourite games, their schools and what is special about their education. Readers will learn a lot about life in typical kinds of homes, every-day activities, what people wear, and the culture of the countries in which their new friends live. Why are particular holidays celebrated, what traditions are kept on those days, and what delicacies do people eat? How does the celebration of Christmas differ from country to country? And what about their lessons? Are they the same everywhere, or are there fundamental differences? If there are, why is this so, and what are they? And what do children play in their free time? Blind man’s buff? Hide-and-seek? Ball games? With a skipping rope? Something else entirely? Thanks to this series, young readers will see the world and learn about a wide range of cultures. Join us on our journey and see how varied the world is!