Wild Animals from a Swallow’s Eye View


Wild Animals from a Swallow’s Eye View

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size 185 × 245mm | 20 pages + map | hardbinding
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Simplified Chinese

Emily is a young swallow lady, Maximilian her beloved. Just married, they are about to fly away on their honeymoon. Where to? Africa, of course!

Not only will they be glad to get warm, they are really looking forward to making the acquaintance of fellow animals. They expect the lions to be scary but thrilling and the zebras to be fashionable and elegant. And the flamingos must surely be looked at through rose-tinted glasses! Do you want to join our lovebirds on their trip? Then just say the word! Using the three foldout maps inside the book, you’ll find your way around Africa with ease. Then all you have to do is read on, learn about how wild animals live, and enjoy the many full-colour illustrations.

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