Why Do Turtles Have Shells and Other Ways Animals Protect Themselves


Written by Radka Píro
Illustrated by Lida Larina
age 3-5

Book parameters:
Size 220 x 220 mm | 5 spreads | 5 fold-out pages with cut-outs | hardbinding

Do you know the ways which animals protect themselves from danger? Can you identify them perhaps by their shells or nimble legs? Learn about them here and they might just reward you by teaching you one of their nifty tricks.

Ha, got you! Or maybe not? Animals are not easy to catch and sometimes are even hard to find. Some are great runners who are off in the blink of an eye. Others have strong armor for shelter and protection from others. And others yet are able to disguise themselves so well that you would only find them if they wanted to be found.