What Do You Imagine When Someone Says …


Written by Radka Píro
Illustrated by Oksana Drachkovska
age 3-5

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Size 230 x 260 mm | 40 pages | hardbinding
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Imagine a tree. What does it look like? Is it broad-leaved, or coniferous? What’s its colour? Is the tree short, or does it reach all the way up to the sky? Is fruit growing on it? The tree you think of is yours and nobody else’s, and completely different to the one your friend might imagine. And the same goes for other stuff as well. That’s because no two things are created alike in two different heads.
Would you like to know what other people think about the world around us? This book will show you what they might imagine when they hear such general worlds as family, communication, or occupation, or how dramatically different views of the same thing can be.