Up, Up and Away: About Flying with Grandpa Edward

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Up, Up and Away: About Flying with Grandpa Edward

Written by Tomáš SMOT Svoboda
Illustrated by Tomáš SMOT Svoboda
age 9-12

Book parameters:
Size 240 x 320 mm, 56 pages, hardcover

A fascinating journey into aviation's milestones and the innovators behind them. This book soars through the stories of famous aviators and aircraft designers, highlighting the most remarkable flying machines and the historical events that revolutionized travel. It encourages young minds to gaze skyward and marvel at the technological feats of aviation, from the quiet drift of hot-air balloons to the swift rescue helicopters.

  • Inspirational Stories: Early aviators and pioneers of flight.
  • Modern Aviation: Bridge the historical context with modern aviation.
  • STEM Emphasis: Sparks a love for aviation.