The House Beyond the Mist


The House Beyond the Mist

Written by Ester Stará
Illustrated by Milan Starý
age 6-8

Book parameters:
size 210 × 260 mm | 64 pages | paperback
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Simplified Chinese

A book for drawing in. A poetic story of two little children, carried away by their imagination, walk through the house behind the mist and meet its strange inhabitants, who live in fear of the Empty Lord.

In his presence, everyone feels desperate and lonely. However, once the children are in the house, the atmosphere begins to change. Is it possible to bring back joy and hope to the Empty Lord as well? The reader is drawn into the story also as a coauthor of the illustrations, which appear in the book half-drawn and unfinished, thus inviting the reader to complete them. This is something in which everyone can engage their imagination. The illustrative examples at the end of the book, help with useful tips on drawing techniques. For children from the age of 7 and playful adults. For the adventurous.