Written by Petra Bartíková
Illustrated by Magdalena Takáčová
age 3-5

Book parameters:
size 230 × 230 mm | 16 pages | board book
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Simplified Chinese, German, Galician, Finnish, Greek, Slovene, Spanish, Complex Chinese, Italian, English, Hungarian, Dutch, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Hebrew & Arabic for Izrael, Polish

Imagine you are an ant spending one day in an anthill. What would it be like?

In the spring you would lie about on top of the ant heap, warm up your body and then warm up the chambers and corridors inside the anthill. You would climb up and down trees, always in a hurry, looking for food, cleaning up and digging out corridors, even catching some aphids. You and your ant friends would enjoy tasting their sweet secretions. But that’s enough talk. You know what? Make yourself comfortable and come with us right into the anthill…