That Awesome Physics in Your House


That Awesome Physics in Your House

Written by The Amazing Theatre of Physics
Illustrated by Tomáš Kopecký
age 9-12

Book parameters:
Size 230 x 290 mm, 48 pages, hardcover
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Catalan, English, Italian, Mongolian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Uzbek, Valencian

This book aims to make physics more relatable by exploring the ways it can be found in everyday life, from the underfloor heating in your bedroom to the mysterious fuse box that keeps switching off. It's written to show readers that physics can be fascinating and is not only found in textbooks but also in everyday objects and experiences.

  • Includes instructions for easy and safe experiments at home.
  • Contains glossary with an overview of the main terms with easy-to-understand explanations.
  • Presents a usually boring topic of physics in an innovative and amusing way.

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