Piebald and the Themliens


Piebald and the Themliens

Written by Daniel Rušar
Illustrated by Adela Režná
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 280 x 280 mm | 48 pages | hardbinding
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Korean, Turkish

What would you do if your friend looked very different from everyone else? And what if you were the one who was different and the others (the Themlins) laughed at you for it?

 Some of us have a big nose, some sticking-out ears, others crooked teeth… The boy in our story develops marks on his body that won’t go away. Hence the name the others give him – Batik. This little book by personal development trainer Daniel Rušar and Slovak illustrator Adéla Režná leads children to an understanding of the importance of friendship. It teaches them how to make strengths out of their weaknesses and shows how laughter is the best medicine.