Myths and Stereotypes about Animals


Myths and Stereotypes about Animals

Written by Pavla Hanáčková
Illustrated by Linh Dao
age 6-8

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Size 215 × 280 mm | 36 pages | hardbinding
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English, Russian, Spanish

Is What They Tell Us True?

Fox = cunning thief. Bear = menace of the forest. Ostrich = coward with his head in the sand. We’re sure you know other such comparisons – and we intend to show you that there may not truth in them … That cute little bat has no intention of feeding on human blood. That poor little black cat, crossing the road, won’t bring any bad luck. And who’s to say that a “dirty” rat can’t be your best friend? Come with us on a trip through the natural world, and learn that not everything is as black and white as it may appear at first! Together, we’ll succeed in overturning many long-established false notions.