Animals in Danger or How We Can Help Them


Animals in Danger or How We Can Help Them

Written by Pavla Hanáčková
Illustrated by Linh Dao
age 6-8

Book parameters:
Size 215 x 280 mm | 36 pages | hardbinding
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Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese

Take a look around – does it look like everything in the wild is all right? Have you noticed the litter strewn everywhere, the withering trees, or the dying plans? Do you feel like you see certain plants and animals less and less?

No wonder – we, the people, have made it pretty warm for the wild. Soon, the only way for us to know certain kinds of animals will be the pictures. People are on the rise and nature is in decline. We fell trees, settle formerly unexplored places, and rob animals and plants of their homes. If you want to help the wild, then don’t hesitate to read on! You’ll learn what places, animals, and plants are in danger and how you can lend them your helping hand.