My Little Red Book

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My Little Red Book

Written by Lenka Blažejová
Illustrated by Lenka Blažejová
age 9-12

Book parameters:
BLAZE.JE, size 140 x 175 mm, 116 pages, paperback

Dedicated to all women and girls at their monthlies, including those on the way there. A hand-written, hand-drawn picture book full of lightness and humour. Menstruation is a natural process, but people keep quiet about it and suffer in silence. Can it really be interesting, inspirational, even funny. With this little book, one will learn interesting things from history and our own time. Who is the father of the sanitary towel? When was the adhesive revolution? Who is India’s “menstruating man”? Discover why red is better than blue and why menstrual blood is highly valued. Learn why changes in mood are connected with the ebb and flow of hormones and natural cycles, and that this is how it should be. Although this book is dedicated to all women and girls “at their monthlies”, men will enjoy it too..

  • Original: An inspiring, provocative, cheerfully illustrated book about menstruation.
  • Audience: Dedicated not only to all women and girls at their monthlies.
  • Contains: Information, feelings, impressions, experience, a touch of history.