Little May and the Magic Umbrella


Little May and the Magic Umbrella

Written by Alžběta Niebauerová
Illustrated by Linh Dao, Rudolf Lukeš
age 3-5

Book parameters:
Size 235 x 210 mm | case cover | 9 spreads mechanisms or pup-ups

Have you ever wished for a magic object that would make all your wishes come true? I’m sure you have. Well, that’s just the sort of present that little May got for her birthday. And her magic umbrella has brought her to a place she’s always wanted to be. Where is it? To find out, lose yourself with us in this beautiful, magical little book…

For her birthday, little May has received a magic umbrella, which transports her into the land of her favourite fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. There she meets not only her favourite character, but also Grandma, the woodcutter, and even the wolf. How does the story end? Readers who join little May on her journey will have lots of fun with the interactive pop-ups that run through the book. These come together with delightful illustrations and a charming story in a unique work that would grace any bookshelf.