Joey Learns to Tie His Shoelaces


Joey Learns to Tie His Shoelaces

Written by Oldřich Růžička
Illustrated by Alexandra Májová Hetmerová
age 3-5

Book parameters:
Size 92 x 172 mm | 18 pages | Board book
2 mm grey board, shoe lace
Sold to:
Russian, Vietnamese, Slovene

This unique, accessible, playful, and shoe-shaped board book will teach your children how to tie their shoelaces.

Little footballer Joey has a big problem. Although he’s the best player on the field – he scores some fantastic goals – he keeps losing a boot. Joey doesn’t understand why. Thank goodness for his great friends the bunny and the birdie, who succeed in solving the mystery of Joey’s vanishing boots. It’s all down to his badly-tied laces. Joey’s animal friends teach him how to tie the laces of his football boots in a tight knot. This doesn’t always go well – the laces get wrapped around Joey’s fingers, and sometimes they’re as wriggly as worms. But Joey doesn’t give up. This shoe-shaped book with real laces will teach every young reader how to tie his shoelaces so that his shoes always stay on his feet.

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